Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Droidworx LLC TYR-X is a new generation of vertical take-off and landing UAV – intelligent, autonomous and safe, this multi-rotor platform was designed to suit the needs of clients in the field of aerial inspection, aerial mapping, film/video, environment, science and many other industries. TYR-X is an innovative aerial platform requiring no previous piloting experience. With “Auto Mode”, the TYR-X can be instructed to automatically take-off and land through the use of a standard radio control and allows for complete threedimensional position hold during flight. The ease of use control system and integrated propeller containment rings make the TYR-X one of the safest VTOL UAVs on the market. The TYR-X can easily deployed in almost every environment.

The unique carbon aramid housing is manufactured in our composite shop in Phoenix, Arizona. The versatile camera/ equipment mount is a universal solution for carrying a number of payloads allowing the user to mount a variety of sensors or cameras. The dual axis stabilized camera mount, aerodynamic and responsive, ensures each HD video is smooth and high resolution photographs are consistently sharp. TYR-X and its components are selected to guaranty the highest quality level. The superior level of automation and quality components make the TYR-X what it is – the future in aerial imaging today.

Droidworx LLC is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and employs a range of specialists in the field of aeronautical engineering, robotic engineering, software engineering. Droidworx LLC provide its customers an outstanding support and service worldwide. TYR-X comes with a 5 year worldwide guarantee on the airframe and electronics.

Progress is not linear. It moves in multiple dimensions. One single idea can reframe what tomorrow looks like, Creating a future no one imagined. How do you see tomorrow? We see tomorrow in the possibilities that appear today— Possibilities others may not be aware of.
Creating innovative solutions and integrated systems, And bringing our customers greater safety, efficiency, and awareness. This is tomorrow in progress - DROIDWORX